If you are shopping for a service for your home, car, or even dining out, the cost of the remodel, repair, or prepared meal is perhaps the primary driver of the decision making process.  Price is a very rational metric of which to base an economic exchange for many reasons but primarily because it is- objective.

The objectivity supplied by the cost or price often makes shopping for goods or services “easier” because the consumer is considering one metric that is comparable across the market spectrum.  In a perfect world, the price mechanism would contain all the necessary information to make the best decision or purchase possible but the planet called Utopia has not been found yet in our Milky Way Galaxy (but is always rumored to exist.)

Consider, Joe Mainstreet.  Joe is looking for a kitchen remodel of his aging ranch home built in the 1970s.  Upon receiving two quotes, “Contractor X” is going to charge $10,000 to complete the job vs. “Contractor Y” who has delivered an estimate of $100,000.

For Joe, the decision seems to be a no brainer, right?cost-versus-value-report


Value based shopping can sometimes be a chore when shopping for the right service or good, especially if the consumer is less than knowledgeable about most aspects of what they are purchasing.  Shopping for a value often involves contemplating many angles of a future transaction and is quite subjective for each individual.

If Joe was not shopping for the lowest cost but instead searching for best value, his mind would naturally want some answers to the following questions…

Why is Contractor X’s price so low?  Is Contractor X licensed?  Is Contractor X bonded?  Is Contractor X going to use new materials?  Is Contractor X going to stand behind his crew’s work?  Is Contractor X going to show up everyday?  Is Contractor X experienced enough to handle the work?  Is Contractor X using the latest tools, techniques, and equipment to ensure the new kitchen is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing?  Is Contractor X going to permit the work with the county or city government?  Do I want to spend more time/ money if Contractor X does not complete the work to my satisfaction?

Why is Contractor Y charging so much?  Is Contractor Y looking to scam me?  Are the materials that Contractor Y uses really superior?  What kind of guarantee do I receive after Contractor Y is finished?  Do I really want to spend 10 times more money on Contractor Y?  On the margins, what is significantly better that Contractor Y is offering?

As you can see, Joe has quite a few questions and the corresponding answers will likely require many hours of research in order to reach his economic conclusion.  Is the $10K quote from ‘Contractor X’ an acceptable cost or is ‘Contractor’s Y’ bid of $100K the actual value of the two?  Only Joe can decide that.

If you are shopping for professional detailing services for your car or truck, you will most likely fall into one camp or the other, from the analogy above, and even possibly a blend of the two which creates a third camp in the middle of cost and value.

At Dellinger’s Detailing, we strive to understand our customer’s wants and needs, thus have tailored our exterior packages to best serve consumers of the ‘three’ camps.

If you are in the ‘cost camp’, our All-Season Exterior package should be a strong consideration.  It is our most basic service and if a clean car is what matters most following price, then this one is for you!

Find yourself in the middle between cost and value?  You are not alone!  Our Signature Exterior package is the most requested exterior service we offer.  It is a perfect example of how we can blend price and value and deliver on both!  An exceptionally clean and glossy exterior will greet you upon completion!

Owners shopping for value are certainly encouraged to consider one of our Definitive Detail packages.  These exterior details deliver long term solutions to our customer’s most pressing needs.  By selecting a paint coating to accompany the detail, your vehicles should not require an intense exterior service for up to 2 years!  Now that is VALUE!

To be clear, the camp you identify with is of no matter, what truly matters is ensuring each customer finds the best price or, alternatively, the best value for their specific needs and to that end, Dellinger’s Detailing goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure your hard earned money is well spent via our approach to holistic customer care.

Curious about our customer service, packages, cost of a detail, or our value propositions?  Contact us today for more information about why and how we are different!