Peripheral Services

Auto Detailing Battle Ground WA

Engine Detail

The under hood cleaning is accomplished with special regard for various operational sensors (MAF/ MAP/ IAT/ etc…) and components (Coil/ Alternator/ Fuel rails/ etc…)

  • Chemical cleaners are PH balanced to leave sensitive metals unaltered.
  • Plastic and rubber materials are dressed and protected.

Pricing starts @ $49

Headlamp Restoration

UV rays from the sun, heat exposure from the bulb, and regular cleaning with harsh chemicals will eventually render the headlamp hazy, yellowed, and opaque from oxidation.  The units are reconditioned to restore clarity and coated with IGL Headlight to provide incredible UV and heat exposure protection!  When considering the cost of a replacement OEM headlamp assembly, this service is a clear value.

Pricing starts @ $99