car-detailing-in-the-winterShooting from the hip here but I would estimate that a majority of drivers in the Pacific Northwest purchase auto detail services during the spring and summer months.  From a logical standpoint this makes some sense as the sun appears more frequently in the sky and a freshly detailed vehicle tends to stay cleaner for a longer span of time.  However, detailing your own vehicle or visiting a trusted professional should hold equal importance, if not more.

Agreed, every season brings its own challenges to the exterior of a vehicle.  Summer brings with it damaging UVA/ UVB rays from the sun, high temperatures that can destabilize resins of the paint system, bugs at night that can etch clear coat, and water spots from washing on a nice bright day (just to name a few.)

With the constant presence of grey, overcast skies here in Clark County, winter’s impact on an auto’s exterior is hardly noticed when the vehicle is saturated with constant precipitation, road grime, and road treatments.  Thus, I believe Benjamin Franklin said it best when it comes to dentistry or, in this instance,  car care, and that is- ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

Prevention, in this case, means protecting your car or truck from winter’s wrath.  Consider the following…

Road Treatments:

While there is always a chance of inclement weather in Battle Ground and surrounding areas, the threat of ‘Ice’ tends to create the largest need for road treatments.  Obviously, not all roads receive a salt brine but main thoroughfares do.

Salt brine is beneficial for pre treatment and post treatment of icy or snowy conditions but certainly is not beneficial for any automobile surface.   It can accelerate any present rust of the vehicle or promote the formation of it.

Heavy Precipitation:

Large amounts of rain, west of the Cascades, is typical for Washington State and the constant precipitation tends to mix with minerals from road grime and petroleum based products (oil, grease, and paved roads) to make a horrible concoction that will take its toll on any paint system.

Easier Washing:

A large majority of defects come through the wash process and having your vehicle properly detailed and protected prior to the winter season will help mitigate the aforementioned road film and help with keeping the exterior of the auto cleaner, longer, while also make the wash process easier.

Fewer Defects:

If you care about the overall appearance of your vehicle in the sunny season, then you care about how to best protect it during winter.  Having your vehicle detailed in the fall builds a solid foundation of ‘prevention’ which you will appreciate come spring.  Proper paint protection discourages minerals, road treatments, petroleum products, and environmental fallout from impregnating and bonding to the paint system.  Fewer bonded contaminants should lead to less defects when washing and thus help retain the gloss and clarity of your vehicle’s appearance for the summer.

While winter may not be the best time for perfecting the paint of your transportation, it certainly is for protecting it.  Dellinger’s Detailing & Paint Care offers various winter prep options for our valued clients and we are happy to discuss how to best protect your car or truck through the winter months.