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Popular Sporting events Bettors. Persons In which Guarantee For Sporting events For A new Lifestyle

An insight into the types of people who bet on sport and what will determine their winners.

This is for those who like both sport and money, so will be the most interesting.

A boy in a dilapidated shack with his battered dog by his side.

The dog sleeps through the sound of the talkers but is always alert.

The son of a former boxer and after losing his job, drinks too much and is beaten up by an even larger boy.

He becomes a boxer to avenge his father’s abuse and wins the Silver Gloves championship.

However, this only motivates the bigger boy to continue abusing him.

The boy becomes an overweight slob.

He lives in the slum with his long suffering mother.

Their life sucks and they have no money, food or medical care.

The son does some time in prison but is only there because he stole some stolen groceries.

The mother is bitter that the justice system is unfair.

The son feels that all of life is unfair.

The film is from the point of view of the son.

He finds the old slum “incredibly dirty, overcrowded and depressing”.

He also has some racist views and views the bigger boy as a racist bully.

He thinks that the place is run by the people like him – and the bigger boy.

He plans to win the Golden Gloves competition.

He thinks that if he gets in the newspapers the powers that be will notice him and he can have a better life.

He is constantly watched by the big boy.

If he wins the Golden Gloves, he thinks that he will be noticed by the big boy and he can be helped.

The plan is that he will become a professional boxer and give up drinking.

It is a simple plan but he is convinced that the plot will work.

When we meet the mother, she is a miserly woman who blames everyone but herself for her son’s pitiful state.

She is shown lying on her bed and only changes into clean clothes once a fortnight.

She spends her day in her tiny shack watching bad drama on the TV and worrying about her son who lives with her.

She is morbidly obese and spends her day looking at herself in the mirror, criticising her appearance and wishing she could be beautiful.

She has only her son to rely on and there is no man in her life.

The only thing in the young man’s life is his wife, a sexually frustrated prostitute who drinks too much and is constantly verbally abusive.

He cannot understand why she cannot leave him and if he did it would make their lives easier.

She blames her abusive husband for all of her problems.

She also blames her son for giving up boxing.

This is perhaps the central theme of the film – the inequalities between the rich and the poor, the belief that the justice system is unfair, the belief that money buys happiness.

It is the theme that links all the story lines together.

His Mother asks him to tell her what it was like in prison.

She is shocked by what he says but finds it hard to believe.

The film touches on all the issues that are at the centre of life for these people – unemployment, alcoholism, violence and low wages.

There is no other way of showing the problems these people face.

They can’t be shown on the t. v.

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