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Since we believe that informed betting is the foundation of any thriving gaming industry, we have employed a small but dedicated team of professional sports handicappers to bring you expert insights and tactics on the trends, handicapping, and strategies for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and Champions League.

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Free Tips from Pro Football Prop Bets in the NCAA and NFL Draft

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Over the past decade, the NFL and the NCAA have given us no shortage of questionable games and missed calls, which has forced sports bettors to look elsewhere for more reliable options.

And with the upcoming NFL Draft and NCAA Basketball Tournament in full swing, it’s clear the sports betting market has once again undergone a resurgence of sorts. But for those who have yet to jump on board, we thought we’d offer our suggestions for how to do just that.

The first thing to consider is whether the market is right or not.

When the NFL tried to move the Chargers to Los Angeles, they were facing severe backlash, a lack of local support, and the largest shift in value for a sports franchise in modern sports history. The sale of the team for $2 billion was a far cry from the $550 million they were asking for just two years prior.

When it comes to college sports, it’s often easy to overestimate the market. When the NCAA passed its new rule about the use of tattoos, for example, it didn’t just invalidate a lot of tattoos but the entire aesthetic of the football community. And, of course, there’s the matter of agent misconduct in the college ranks.

The point is, it’s not always easy to suss out whether a market is “insanely overpriced” or not. And that’s something that can vary greatly depending on the state and local laws in which you bet. It’s also a tricky thing to wrap your head around.

That said, what we recommend is not only getting educated on the subject, but also starting to take advantage of the opportunity now.

Here are five tips that will get you off on the right foot.

1. Be Patient

Before you get too caught up in the college football and NBA drafts, it’s best to take a step back and remember the golden rule. That is, the time period between now and the summer is a giant vacuum for professional sports bettors, but there are some fairly predictable trends.

Last summer, for example, we learned that the Montreal Canadiens were going to take a big step back. For whatever reason, a projected club that was winning 50 percent of its games in 2014 was poised to regress in 2015. And that year proved to be true.

Similarly, no one predicted the New Orleans Pelicans’ 45-37 record, but that’s exactly what they did. They’ll be right there in the thick of things again this year, but this time there’s going to be plenty of “Hearing #4” jokes from fans and general managers alike.

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